Photosymbiotic invertebrates

 Porifera Terpios hoshinota
 Black sponge encrusts and probably kills corals. It is potential threat of the coral reef ecosystem. This sponge contains numerous amount of cyanobacteria in the mesohyl.
Zoological Science, in press

Acoelomorpha Convolutriloba longifissura
It harbors
Tetraselmis spp. in the body. The orange pigmentation may be a sunglass for the symbionts.
Zoological Science, 24: 1241-1246, 2007

Giant clams harbors dinofllagellate in the tubes branched from the stomach. The symbiosis is established in a juvenile clam a few days after the metamorphosis.
Marine Biology, 148 (3): 551-558, 2006.

Seaslug Plakobranchus ocellatus
Some sacoglossans are known to retain chloroplast of the food algae in the digestive grand cells.
Zoological Science, 22: 905-916, 2005.